Trusted advice: Tested tips for passing your Visa interview

Getting yourself prepared for a Visa interview can make you pretty anxious! The thought of visiting the embassy especially as a first-timer, the wait, and the anticipated questions can give you nerve-cracking sweats. Different people have different experiences in their first visa interview, but the most important thing is for you to ace this as much as possible. Having an idea of what you need will go a long way in alleviating your fears and getting you prepared. This post will be helpful for you as a first-timer and also for future applicants.


The first point to note is this: “Don’t be nervous about your embassy interview!”


These tips will guide you in having a successful visa interview at the embassy. Our years of experience in Visa processing and consulting have given us enough information to help you do the needful and help you succeed with this.


Scheduling your interview

This is a very simple step to take. 

In most cases, applicants are advised to visit the official website of the country of their choice and select the country where they would like to schedule the visa appointment. Applicants can then click on “apply” to create their profile and enter every required information. Applicants can also read their local embassy’s website for further information that may be required for scheduling interviews, or contact your travel agency for assistance.


Gather your documents

It is noteworthy for visa applicants to bear in mind every piece of document demanded by the embassy. This will save you time and also avoid a reschedule of the interview as most embassies will deny your application without refunding the visa application fee if you forget to come with any of the required documents. Applicants are advised to carefully read all the required documents and select all of them before appearing for an interview at the embassy. Also, applicants must avoid assumptions as documentation rules and regulations vary from country to country and consular officer to consular officer. Get all your documents ready and intact.


Interview day

This is the “D-Day” and you would want to look fly and be on top of your game, however, it is not necessary to appear for interviews in a suit. All you need to do is dress nicely to make your first impression appealing! 

Ensure you arrive at the embassy as early as possible. Don’t miss your appointment time!

It is advisable to go to the embassy with a bottle of water, a book, snack to help you through your waiting time. If water is not allowed into the consulate, then ask any of their officials for it is need be.

Don’t also forget to get your specified passport photograph done before getting to the embassy.


At the embassy.

For us at Grandeur travels, we always advise applicants to be confident and bold. 

 Your interview is bound to go very smoothly if all your documents are in order, with not prior issue with the destination country or so. Questions from the interviewer vary based on the country and other factors, but we will get you prepared as much as possible to help pass the visa interview at once!


Listed below are some of the most common questions that you will be asked.


What do you do?

What will you be doing in the Country?

Have you traveled out of the country of residence before?

Tell us about any previous visits to the country.

What are your plans for when you return home after your program/visit/tour? (It’s good to think about your plans for after your program/visit/tour in advance of your interview, as this is an important question.)


Every other question will be based on the discretion of the interviewer and the purpose of your visit. However, this article is here to help you have an idea of what preparation you need to have before appearing at the embassy and most importantly passing your visa interview.


10 best places you MUST visit on your next trip to Dubai

Dubai is the definition of beauty, at least among the recent tourist attraction countries. The glitz and glamour is not just awesome but amazing! Transformed from a desert outpost to a city of high-rise buildings and countless modern shopping malls with millions of tourists trooping in to see this amazing transformation and to feel the sunshine. This list will reveal to you the top places you Places to visit in Dubai.

1. The Burj Khalifa

Completed in 2010 with about $1.5 billion, this gigantic edifice standing as the tallest building in the world at a record high of 829.8 meters remains the landmark thing in the city of Dubai. Like most other visitors, seeing Burj Khalifa on the screen is quite different from seeing it live…. the experience is simply amazing. Give yourself a trip to the 124th floor in its high-speed elevator to the observation deck and witness the 360-degree views of the whole city! Another trip around the Burj Khalifa will allow you to see the base with its many beautifully designed gardens, winding walkways, the Dubai fountain which is currently the world’s tallest performing fountain modeled just like the Famous Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas, USA.

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2. The Dubai Mall

The Dubai mall remains the biggest shopping mall in the world, located on the Doha road just off Sheikh Zayed Road and is the gateway to the Burj Khalifa, with an underwater zoo and the Dubai Aquarium. A modern structure that houses an ice-skating rink,zoo,underwater aquarium, a cinema with endless entertainment options for tourists. Sitting on a wide expanse of land of about 3.77 million sq ft (equivalent to about 50 soccer fields in size). The Dubai Mall is the home of the Dubai shopping festivals and has a whooping 1,300 retail outlets including two anchor department stores – Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale’s – and over 200 food and beverage outlets. Tourists will spend far more than a week to see all of these amazing sights. Do you see why you should book your next Dubai trip with Us?

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3. Bastakia (Old Dubai)

Another top attraction and tourist places in Dubai is the Old Dubai or Batskia quarter, also known as the Al-Fahidi neighborhood was a structure built around the late 19th century. It used to be the home of a wealthy Persian merchant who was known as one of the major dealers of pearls and textiles back then. Due to the tax-free trading and access to the Dubai creek, many traders who ply the Arab desert come here to trade. Constructed with a modern design that has the traditional architectural elements common in the Iranian coastal houses, the limestone buildings have many walls with wind-towers that provide the homes with a form of air conditioning. The Bastakia has a collection of Majilis Gallery, the Al Serkal cultural foundation, a cafe, a rotating art exhibition center and a shop.

4. Alserkal Art District

In what is known as part of the old Al Quoz industrial district around the Alserkal avenue is Dubai’s main arts hub. Built to a modern taste, it housed some of the city’s most important contemporary art galleries. Some of the galleries like the Ayyam gallery, the green art gallery, the third line gallery, and many other smaller galleries can be found here. if you’re a lover of art, you will find here, a host of rotating collections of work that focus on many middle eastern talents and major artists. In case you intend to shop for local designer outfits, these district is the place for you as you will also enjoy delicacies from cafes and pop-up restaurants all around the Alserkal art district.

5. Dubai Miracle Garden

One of the most amazing places to also visit when you get to Dubai is the Miracle garden. As if the building of the tallest structure in the world is not enough and yet not satisfied with the biggest shopping mall all over the globe, Dubai did amazingly with yet another masterpiece, the miracle garden! Currently the world’s largest flower garden and sitting over 2,000 square meters with more than 100 million kinds of flowers. This garden is an awesome wonder. Think of any kind of flowers, you will find it in the miracle garden of Dubai from the wildest in the forest to the rarest, Dubai Miracle Garden has all!

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