Hotel Experts said travel will become luxurious post-pandemic


The future of travel post-coronavirus is going to be all about “hyper-personalization,” hotel and aviation experts say.

As much of the world tentatively begins to emerge from lockdown, many people are thinking about traveling for leisure once again.

And it turns out, vacations in a post-COVID-19 world could be even more luxurious than ever.

Speaking at a webinar on “The Traveller in 2020 and Beyond” hosted by Black Tomato, boutique hotel specialist Mr & Mrs. Smith‘s Founder and Chief Creative Officer James Lohan and UK based private jet charter company PrivateFly CEO Adam Twidell both said they expect travel to become more personal.

couple hotel room service

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How travel brands can keep customers apprised of border regulations.


Across the globe, airlines are going back to business gradually, while some airlines are kicking off at 45% capacity, other airlines are resuming travels on 75% of their flying routes as travelers have started booking their flight tickets for both business and leisure reasons.

Travel airlines are gearing up and spurred to get back to work after the devastating effect of the pandemic and as there is now an increase in the number of travelers who are ready to see the world again, after the forced lockdown and travel restrictions. Millions of people are ready to escape the lockdown experience, ready to explore the world and catch new post-Covid travel encounters.

Here's how the coronavirus screening process works at American ...

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Possible futures for a post-pandemic travel industry.


Travel companies are fighting for their lives. Being at the bleeding edge of the storm has violently thrown us from a predictable risk environment into the deep uncertainty of uncharted waters.




By Mario Gavira

What the future holds for pilots and other air crew post-Covid-19


Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, airlines have been struggling as passenger traffic has reduced to about 94 percent.

In the United States, carriers were estimated to have lost around $350 and 400 million dollars a day even with government support funding in the areas of expenses and payroll. It is quite inevitable that there will be massive job loss and top executives of airlines are sure that pilots are about to face serious job loss.

Two Pilots Flying an Airplane

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Covid-19 Lock-down: Virtual Safari launch in Africa


A large group of zebras walks across the vast savanna grassland. After a while, they stop to graze, dislodging impalas who scamper up north. Welcome to Sabi Sand Game Reserve in Mpumalanga, said to be one of the best safari locations in South Africa.

A few kilometers away in Madikwe Reserve, waterbucks and antelopes quench their thirst at a waterhole. In the nearby shrubs, birds chirp away as they await their turn. All is calm until suddenly a family of three elephants emerges from the bushes, heading to the water hole.

This scenario looks and sounds real, yet it is all virtual. There are no tourists here, with or without masks. In fact, South Africa and other countries in Africa popular with tourists closed their borders following the outbreak of COVID-19.

Stuck with empty parks and hotels, African safari organizers are stepping up digitally to cater to millions of people under lockdown globally. For weeks now, thousands of virtual avid travelers have appreciated the beauty of African wildlife, beaches, and other tourist sites online.

A zebra and three giraffes

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Enjoying the brighter side of the lockdown


Vacations are always a memory to cherish and remember, sometimes even for a lifetime. We enjoy time with families, attend weddings or parties with friends, and even travel to a destination of our dreams.

Many families had many of these fantastic plans, some even booked tickets ahead of time…but….then the pandemic came hitting.

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Updated Lists of countries reopening for tourism with dates.


The Covid-19 pandemic has forced countries across the world into lockdown with very damaging effects on global economies.  Only a very few countries are gradually able to flatten the curve with so many efforts towards awareness, facilities, and medical expenses.

The good news is that some countries are now getting back into the normal system and citizens are happy to move around, do business, and travel to countries with strict compliance with stated procedures.

Below are the updated list and dates of countries travelers can include in their next destinations across the world as they have eased the lockdown and open up their borders to visitors and tourists.

Coronavirus lockdown: Nigerians cautious as restrictions eased in ...

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Hurray! Paradise Seychelles is Covid-19 free


After 9 weeks of battling tirelessly the deadly Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, Seychelles- the small island holiday destination in the Indian Ocean with a population of less than a hundred thousand inhabitants- is now Covid-19 Free.

The country, which reported a number of 11 cases in total, has announced the last infected patient tested negative for a continuous number of days and is now considered to be healed from the Covid-19 virus.

Seychelles Travel Guide


The Covid-19 pandemic was confirmed to have reached Seychelles in March 2020 as the announcement of the first two cases of COVID-19 was made on March 14, 2020.

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How to properly disinfect your travel gear after a trip


Many parts of the world and U.S. states are beginning to reopen after months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. While travel is still a fraction of what it was before the crisis, some airlines are ramping up service, heralding the beginning of a possible return to normalcy —although many uncertainties persist.

Emirates reaffirms customer commitment with ramp up of refunds capability

Even when the crisis will have passed, though, travelers will still be asking how they can minimize the risk of exposure to the coronavirus and other pathogens. TPG has tips on cleaning your airplane seatwarding off germs in your hotel room, and staying healthy when you’re on the road anytime.

But what about when you get home?

Disinfecting after travel

TPG asked medical experts for advice on what you should clean when you get home from a trip.

“That’s an easy one,” says Paul Pottinger, an infectious-disease specialist at the University of Washington in Seattle. “The most important thing to clean after a trip is your hands.”

Even if you’re religiously following the current advice to wipe down your airplane seat, your tray table, the overhead vent and the seat belt with a disinfectant cloth, Pottinger says it’s a good idea to wash your hands when you get off the plane and to do it again when you walk in the door of your home.

Germs that have been on anything you’ve touched during the journey from the airport to your home – the handles on the suitcase you pick up off the baggage claim carousel, the door on the taxi or the Uber that takes you home, and the door handles you grab as you enter your house or apartment – “may for some time be a potential threat to your health,” said Pottinger.


What travel items should you clean when you get home?

When it comes to gear you’ve taken on your trip, “cleaning frequently touched gear is a good idea, always,” especially with the new focus on COVID-19, said Dr. Amy Faith Ho, an Associate Medical Director and emergency physician in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

“The virus is currently thought to be viable, from droplets, for hours to days on various surfaces,” said Ho. “Guidance is changing constantly as new data arises, so the CDC website can be a helpful and accurate resource.”

“Consider cleaning things like your passport case and the outside cover, your cellphone, and the handles and the outside of your suitcase,” said Ho. Also clean any personal items you take on the plane and the outside of any product you use inflight, such as lotion bottles or your glasses case.

You can clean those items using soap and water, said Ho, or disinfect them with any of the widely available wipes, sprays or solutions.

When you get home, it’s also a good idea to clean all the clothes you had in your suitcase, said retired nurse practitioner and frequent traveler Diane DeGraff, “not just the ones you wore.”

And, because you’ve likely rolled your wheeled suitcase through dirty streets and over dirty carpets, it is important to use a cleaning solution to wipe down the wheels of your suitcase before rolling it into your house.

If you’re not going to use your carry-on bag, your suitcase, your garment bag or any type of travel bag for a while, “consider giving the gear a swipe” to clean it off, said Pottinger. “Then, when it’s empty, put it in the closet or under the bed until you travel again. After a period of days, most germs will be gone.”

What about that jacket you wore on the plane?

“If you didn’t clean your seat on the plane before you sat down, you might want to get the coat cleaned,” said Pottinger, especially if you sat near someone who seemed sick.

The same goes for anything you put on the floor underneath the seat in front of you. “No matter what they say, the floors on the planes are certainly not clean,” said Pottinger. “So it’s reasonable to clean those items.”

And will it be OK to stand down on this heightened attention to cleaning when the danger from the coronavirus pandemic subsides?

“It’s good practice always,” said Ho. “Even if a specific virus is not named – i.e. flu, SARS, MERS, H1N1 – there is a long list of viruses that can get you sick at any time. And good hygiene is important, always.“