Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kenya.

There are countless number of reasons to visit Kenya, but in this article, we shall focus mainly on the Top 7 Reasons Why You Should plan a visit to the country of awesome safari experience.


A visit to Kenya

Kenya has witnessed a great number of tourists trooping into the country in recent years. What could be the reason for this? What’s so special about visiting Kenya? Let’s have a look.


As a travel and tourism company in the heart of Lagos Nigeria, it is a part of our mission to provide you with relevant information that would help you make informed decisions regarding travels and tours in Nigeria. In that light, we shall be highlighting the reasons why you should add Kenya to the list of your travel destinations.


Kenya is undoubtedly one of Africa’s greatest tourism destination for a wildlife experience.



Situated in East Africa with a coastline on the Indian Ocean, Kenya encompasses savannah, Lakelands, the Rift Valley, and mountain highlands.


Kenya is famously known to be home to wildlife like lions, elephants, and rhinos.


The capital city of Kenya is Nairobi.


Kenya has an age-long history of musical and artistic expression. The country enjoys a rich tradition of oral and written literature.


Let’s jump into the reasons why you should consider Kenya as your next tourist destination.



1. Spend Amazing Time With The Giraffes.


Our happy client feeding a Giraffe at theGiraffe Manor in Kenya



The famous giraffe manor in Kenya is an experience to relish.


The Giraffe Manor is a beautiful conservancy for Giraffes. You’re free to share a kiss with a giraffe and the experience is simply mind-blowing and delightful. For some people, it could be uncomfortable in the beginning, but in a couple of minutes, you’ll find yourself going back to get more kiss from the giraffes.


You can also feed the giraffes if you like. Just so you know, feeding the giraffes is an amazing experience. Beautiful memories are made at the giraffe manor. There’s also a Restaurant where you can sit and enjoy your breakfast or Lunch while gazing at the Giraffes. The environment and ambiance are worth experiencing. At such moment, you will be creating memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.



Our very excited client kissing a giraffe at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya





Wouldn’t you love to have such a beautiful experience? We are here to help you plan your visit to Kenya.




2. A Visit To The Hells Gate.


There’s a National Park in Kenya known as Hells Gate.


It was reportedly named after a narrow crack in the cliffs, once regarded as a tributary of a prehistoric lake. This national park is located at north-west of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, and it is home to Fischer’s Tower and Central Tower columns.



Interestingly, brave visitors not faint-hearted ones can walk among a host of animals such as zebra, buffalo, Lions, Tigers, cheetahs, kangaroos, gazelle and see baboons scratching each other.

You can even watch as the Lions gaze, target and sneak up to their preys for breakfast.


A great surprise awaits you at this park. Can you guess what it is? You’ll be completely astonished by the beauty of the Njorowa gorge’s red sandstone walls.


This is absolutely a life experience that you wouldn’t want to miss for anything.




3. A Visit To Masai Mara.


Madam Grandeur and a happy client strikes a pose with the Maasai tribe in Kenya



Regarded as Kenya’s most famous wildlife reserve, positioned within the enormous Rift Valley.


It is undoubtedly one of the best places in Africa to encounter the big cats.


Interestingly, it was reportedly named after the Maasai tribe and the Mara river and it is well known for its amazing migration of wildebeest, along with zebra and gazelle; one of the most impressive natural events worldwide.


It is on record that more than a million wildebeest migrated from the Serengeti in neighboring Tanzania to Kenya’s Maasai Mara, accompanied by hundreds of thousands of Thomson’s gazelle, zebra, and eland.


There are a whole lot of other animals to be seen at Maasai Mara, such as the rhinos, elephants, Lions, Kangaroos, ostriches, and many others.




4. Have A First Hand View Of The BirdLife.


Kenya reportedly has more than 1,000 recorded bird species. The more interesting and exciting one being the flamboyant crowds of pink flamingos whose massing makes for beautiful pictures.


It is believed that they were driven from Lake Nakuru in the past half-decade because of industrialization and rising water levels, and many have moved to Lake Bogoria, which covers about 32 square kilometers.


Looking for an experience to relish in Kenya? A visit to Lake Naivasha, home to Golden-winged Sunbirds, Superb Starlings and African Fish Eagles will make you love nature the more.




5. A Visit To The Rift Valley.


Originally named the ‘Great Rift Valley’ by British Explorer John Walter Gregory. The Rift Valley is a geographic stretch extending 6000km across the Middle East and Africa from Jordan to Mozambique.


The astounding view as you approach through Nairobi will have you completely stunned. The Maasai herders, herds of elephant, wide plains and dramatic escarpment, all define the Great Rift Valley.


The most common activities at the Rift Valley include Hiking, trekking, game viewing, photography, guided walks around the crater lakes, picnic lunch, bird watching, golfing and community visits.


6. A Visit To The Elephant Orphanage.


The Elephant Orphanage, also known as the Sheldrick orphanage was founded by Dr. Daphne Sheldrick. At the Sheldrick center, Elephants rescued from the wild are nurtured to a certain age and then released back into the wild. It’s amazing watching baby elephants feed by drinking milk from their bottles. All the Elephants have names and it is recorded that some of them usually find their way back to the Orphanage for treatment when injured in the wild.



A rare view of a big Elephant, during one of our visits to Kenya.




Tourists enjoying the view of a big Elephant in Kenya



7. Nairobi National Museum.

Our handsome client poses for a picture at Nairobi National Museum.



This museum tells the history of Kenya from inception till the present day. It houses the hall of calabash where each calabash represents a tribe in Kenya. There you would find the different animals and birds that ever lived or that can be found in Kenya. At the museum also is the snake park where different species of snakes are housed.



A super excited client hanging a snake on his shoulders at Nairobi National Museum




There you have it.


Africa is more than just a great continent. Africa is a beautiful continent. Kenya is a great country to visit with awesome tourists attraction sites and an absolutely serene environment.


Let’s help you plan your trip to Kenya. Total package includes the following…


Return flight.

Hotel accommodation.

Airport  transfers.

Maasai Mara tour.

National park tour. Nairobi Museum.

Elephant Orphanage.

Giraffe Manor tour and Nairobi city tour.


At Grandeur Travels and Tours Ltd, we take pleasure in creating an awesome experience for you. An experience you will cherish for a lifetime.


We are a travels and tours company in the heart of Lagos Nigeria. Want to travel the world? Let’s help you with a masterplan that would leave you smiling and happy all through the experience.


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